Trade Show Staffing

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Our staff is talented, knowledgeable and experienced.

We provide the solution for all your trade show staffing requirements. We will help you attract attendees and at the same time generate leads. By having the right people to man your booth during trade shows, you will be able to draw in the crowds, and make your brand more memorable. Our trade show staffing services will ensure that you have the right people for the event. We provide a wide range of talent that includes bilingual staffers, sales associates, narrators and demonstrators, hosts/hostess, promoters, and models.

Experience and Expertise

More often than not, companies try to use their own employees to staff events and trade shows. And most of the time, the workers might have a background in sales but don’t have the right social skills that make them bad brand ambassadors. Our trade show staffing services will provide you with temporary employees who have been trained on how to communicate effectively to potential customers. They will be able to talk about the various benefits of your company’s products and/or services in just a short period of time.

Our models have the experience and skills to help maximize the ROI of your company during trade shows. They are able to prequalify and send the top leads to your sales team. They can also handle some of the leads themselves. Our talents have been trained on how to work trade shows and help you improve your sales.

Help Lessen Your Burden

When you opt to employ our trade show staffing services, you will reduce the amount of preparations you need to do before the event. Our employees are able to handle any trade show tasks, such as product demonstrations. That means you don’t need to train one of your own employees to do the job for you. Not only that, our temporary staff will save you time, frustrations, trouble and expenses related to traveling.

During the day of the trade show, you are most likely to be busy, and there are a lot of things to worry about. We know how stressful the event can be, and we make sure that our trained professionals will make it less stressful for you. They will help with the responsibilities of running the event so that you can focus on the important stuff. 

Managing the attendees is one of the things that can be done with our trade show staffing services. Our talents can assist your sales representatives so that they will have more time with potential clients.

Models for Hire

We provide models as part of our trade show staffing services. Our promotional staffers area is a good combination of beauty and brains. They have been trained to help our customers with their sales and advertising needs. Not only do they attract crowds to booths, but they can also handle sales pitches and product demonstrations when needed.

Models are able to learn information about the company’s products and services. That way they will be able to talk about it with the event attendees. They can communicate efficiently with potential customers. This will engage potential clients and make them remember your company even after the event.

Increase Traffic to Booth

With the right staff, more people will gather and look at your company’s exhibit and products during trade shows. Our trade show staffing services will provide you with people who are friendly, approachable, and knows how to deal with the crowd. Not only that, but we will also provide some expert advices on how to improve the foot traffic to your booth.

By having the right people manning your exhibit, your company will be more attractive to the attendees. You will be able to draw in a crowd, and they will have an excellent impression of your business.

We know how to maximize the number of leads and ensure that attendees have a positive impression on the exhibit that will last for a long time. We know how hectic trade shows can be, and that’s why we have carefully screened our talent so that you get only the best. Our goal is to ensure the event goes smoothly as planned.

By employing our trade show staffing services, you will be able to increase exposure, drive up return on investment, and reduce costs.