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Reach your audience before you even arrive.  Drive traffic to your booth. 

A great trade show experience is when your brand is able to make a lasting impression. Participating in a trade show is all about building relationships. When you employ our trade show marketing services, we make sure that your brand is in front of attendees and exhibitors from the moment they think about the convention, while they are in Las Vegas for the event, and long after it is over.

Trade show marketing services help improve the effectiveness of the event. Marketing campaigns start weeks or even months before the actual event. We can help you reach your audience with  online marketing or traditional and display marketing channels. Below are some of the trade show marketing services we have to offer.

Online Marketing

Event Website Landing Pages

We will provide an event website that contains the information about the trade show. We work with our client to ensure that all the data included in the website are accurate. Visitors who want to receive more information about the trade show are required to submit their email address.

The event website will also include a file download section. There the organizers are able to share press kits, brochures about the trade show, and other stuff.

The trade show website can also have e-commerce features. Those way potential customers don’t need to go out of the website in order to purchase something they find interesting from the company. 

Convention Specific Google AdWords Campaigns

In order to increase awareness about the trade show, we can set up AdWords campaigns on your behalf. We make sure that we pick the right keywords for the event to maximize the reach of the campaign. Through the Google AdWords campaign, we will build leads and even set appointments even before the official start of the convention.

Email Marketing and Automated Drip Campaign

We will put the emails you have collected from your website into good use by starting an email marketing campaign. This is done before, during, and after the trade show. Through email marketing, businesses are able to reach existing customers, acquire new ones, and make them part of the mailing list.

Email Blasts to Convention Exhibitors

One sure way to convey your message to your target audience is to send them email blasts before they arrive in Las Vegas. The emails will help generate leads and improve your brand awareness.

Flyer Distribution to Convention Attendees

The last trade show marketing service we provide is the distribution of flyers during the day of the event. We make sure that all attendees get a flyer each that contains your brand message. Our team will be position at the entrance and exit points to ensure everyone receives a copy of the flyer.

By employing our trade show marketing services, your brand and the event will be known to the target market before the event. Our marketing services will help capture the interests of the people and make them come to the trade show.


Las Vegas Display Marketing for Trade Shows

Billboard Advertising

And to ensure that the trade show will get a lot off exposure before it opens its doors to the public, we provide billboard advertising. We utilize both digital and static billboards that are strategically positioned along major roads going to and from the convention center.

Mobile Billboard Advertising

We also use mobile static and digital billboards that are 10 feet in size. The mobile billboards go up and down the Las Vegas strip. This is one way to put your brand in front of people all throughout the day.

Airport Advertising

We make sure that your brand is in front of the target market as soon as they land in Las Vegas. Our job is to ensure that the materials for the airport advertising are placed at areas where most people will be able to see them.

Cab Ads

Another way to have your message seen by millions of Las Vegas visitors is through cab ads. The cab ad campaign can run while the trade show is ongoing or all year round.